Andrus Fine Art Gallery

It all started with a trip to South Carolina, some antiques, a small store front in Temecula California and the Market Place in Orange County California.

Fast forward to 2017 and we have been in the business of art since 1991. Our first venture was White Dove Traders, where we specialized in authentic Native American Indian Art. We had a store front in the Old Town section of Temecula, and also sold at the Orange Country Swap Meet ( It’s now called the Market Place).

Continuing on to produce our own shows, we traveled the USA for many years, hosting art shows and sales in New York, Boston, much of the Eastern Seaboard, New England, Midwest, Southern States , Florida, Northern California, Oregon and Washington State. Art from the southwest was received with great enthusiasm and working with many talented artists was very rewarding.

After traveling extensively for many years producing our art shows we decided to settle down in San Antonio, Texas and continued producing our own shows in areas in and around the state . We produced shows in Austin, Waco, Dallas, Plano, Houston, South Padre and McAllen.

In the late 90’s we starting concentrating on oils on canvas. Again, traveling and producing our own shows and participating in Home and Garden shows throughout Texas. In 2002 we opened our second brick-and-mortar gallery off of Bitters Road in San Antonio. This was a great opportunity to meet local artist. One in particular, Robert Wilkins, is still working with our newest gallery and we hope to have a special show for him this spring. It was nice having a permanent place to show and sell our art. We still traveled but never ventured to far from home. A year later we opened our 2nd gallery in San Antonio off of Huebner Road, Andrus Fine Art & Home Furnishings.

In 2005 we sold the gallery off Huebner Road to relocate back to Southern California. We opened a small gallery in Thousand Oaks and continued until January 2008 with a web presence until 2016. Today we just love being in Post Falls, Idaho. Beautiful place with wonderful people. A great place for our new gallery on Seltice Way.

Andrus Fine Art has always been a family business with your host Wayne and Kathryn Andrus, with a little help from our family, friends and all our wonderful temps.

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